ERNA Grant receiving National Societies are announced

The national societies receiving the ERNA grant were announced according to the decision of IFRC and ERNA Board Members. The National Societies applied for grants toward the World AIDS Day, proposing their initiatives and activities. Every applyed project proposal can be financed with 2 500 EUR.

List of NSs getting financial support in amount of 2500 EUR:
– Albanian Red Cross (Albanian RC_Application form);
– Armenian Red Cross (Armenian RC_ Application Form);
– Georgian Red Cross (Georgian RC_Application form);
– Kyrgyzstan Red Crescent (Kyrgyzstan RC_Application form);
– Lithuanian Red Cross (Lithuanian RC_Application form);
– Latvian Red Cross (Latvian RC_Application Form);
– Tajikistan Red Crescent (ERNA Application form RCST);
– Belarus Red Cross (Belarus RC_Application form).
It should be noted that this is the first time the Network meets such a great participation and engagement from ERNA Members. This kind of initiatives represent a vital process of an active participation to the ERNA network, and represents a good method and result for all of us.

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