General objective

To contribute to the reduction of the spread of HIV/AIDS, TB and other communicable diseases principally among the most vulnerable people

Specific objectives

  • To strengthen and promote the exchange of experiences, information and best practices among member NSs, with other stakeholders and NSs from other regions.
  • To promote the setting up of (innovative) new initiatives and to reproduce them in other NSs by adapting them to the need of local beneficiaries.
  • To promote and facilitate concerted collaborative actions in the prevention of HIV/AIDS, TB and other communicable diseases with UN agencies, EU, non-governmental organizations, Global Fund (to fight AIDS, TB and Malaria), other international and national organizations and with existing Federation’s Networks.
  • To involve PLWHA and other vulnerable groups in ERNA work at all levels
  • To give technical support and assistance to member NSs (upon expressed need) in areas where a gap in knowledge and skill exists with motivation and trainings organization, or by enlarging their operational capabilities.

To render technical support and assistance to NSs in countries in transitions and developing countries through common projects of European NSs.