World Hepatitis Day, 2016 in Georgia

Georgia Red Cross Society together with other what is the use of viagra members of the Georgian Harm Reduction Network (GHRN) participated in the events dedicated to the World Hepatitis Day, organized jointly by the Network and Georgian Community Advisory Board (GeCAB) on July 28, 2016.

Presently there are 200 000 people living with Hepatitis C in Georgia and dissemination of this disease has been mainly associated with injecting drug usage. As the issue was a huge challenge for the country, since 2015 the subject became one of the health priorities in the country. Government made steps forward to fight against disease and improved access to treatment through Hepatitis C Elimination Program. In order to reach outcomes and eliminate Hepatitis C, the Georgian Harm Reduction Network with the organizations united in the network, continues to advocate for decriminalization of the drug use and liberalization of the drug policy, which still remains focused on punishment and involvement of more drug users in the program, therefore the activities planned and implemented on July 28, 2016 had two main objectives – promote and support prioritization of Harm Reduction services and raise awareness of key stakeholders and decision makers on importance of decriminalization for better outcome of the C hepatitis Elimination program in the country.


During the day press conference and roundtable meeting were organised with participations of the representatives of Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs, National Center for Disease Control and Public Health Georgia (NCDC), Foundation “Open Society” Georgia (OSGF), “World Doctors-France” (MDM), Georgian Harm Reduction Network (GHRN) and Georgian Community Advisory Board (GeCAB), Clinic “Neolab” and experts. Presentations were made and discussions were carried out about integration of Hepatitis C elimination program in the Service Centers for Harm Reduction, interventions buy viagra online overnight delivery based on peer-to-peer support for the drug users involved in the elimination program and Harm Reduction activities in the strategy for elimination of Hepatitis C. Besides, special attention was paid to the existing challenges and future plans presented by Georgian Community Advisory Board (GeCAB).

After the official events Georgia Red Cross Society staff and volunteers, together with representatives of other organizations, participated in the march along Rustaveli Avenue towards the Georgian Parliament building. Aim of the street event in front of the Parliament was to disseminate information about available Hepatitis C elimination program and HR services among general public and to distribute informational-educational materials among pedestrians.

Apart from Tbilisi, the Capital of Georgia, during the day screening on Hepatitis C by mobile ambulatories and the informational-promotional activities were conducted in 5 cities of Georgia: Rustavi, Gori, Kutaisi, Zugdidi and Batumi.

The street-promotional activities attracted interest from the general public and media.

The action dedicated to the World Hepatitis Day was a good opportunity to once again highlight role and importance of the Harm Reduction services and interventions carried out by non-governmental organizations in the success of Elimination of the Hepatitis C. On the other hand, informational-promotional campaigns held during the day raised public awareness about Hepatitis C, its prevention and treatment, already available in the county.


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