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Background information:

HIV/AIDS: The Turkish Red Crescent, with intent to reduce spread of HIV in Turkey as well as to prevent discrimination and social exclusion for people living with HIV/AIDS, implemented certain activities such as community based trainings and media campaigns, targeting especially young persons, in an effort to disseminate protection and prevention methods throughout the community. Those activities were implemented between 2004 and 2010.

Tuberculosis: Activities concerning tuberculosis are implemented by the Ministry of Health.

Mapping of
National Society Activities
HIV and AIDSHarm ReductionTuberculosis
  • The Turkish Red Crescent, with intent to raise awareness, reached more than 50.000 people through implementation of trainings and seminars at or through medical and blood centers, branches, community centers, youth camps, family life centers, high schools and universities.
  • Turkish Red Crescent volunteers participated in the Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) Advanced Level ToT conducted by the UNFPA. Subsequently the program was disseminated targeting young volunteers aged between 18 and 25. Those volunteers conducted SRH and HIV/AIDS seminars with participation of their peers.
  • 2006-2009 National AIDS Action Plan have been prepared in cooperation with our stakeholders, the National AIDS Commission and the Committee of the Permanent Representation.
  • The Red Crescent reached 10 million people in total through distribution of training materials (brochures, posters, postcards, bookmarkers, AIDS ribbons, pins and condoms), radio and TV spots, national newspapers, TV broadcasts and seminars.
  • The Red Crescent implemented activities regarding protection and prevention on the 1st of December, World AIDS Day. The staff and volunteers of the Red Crescent participated in the congresses, meetings and symposiums carried out by our project stakeholders. The training materials were used to disseminate information on HIV and AIDS.
  • The Turkish Red Crescent participated in national and international congresses, meetings and symposiums.
  • The Turkish Red Crescent in cooperation with th Turkish Federation of National Tuberculosis Associations implemented a workshop with participation of 14 representatives from 8 countries and the Ministry of Health.
  • A workshop on “Health and AIDS Media Campaign” conducted in cooperation with the Positive Living Association with support of the Turkey Regional Delegation.
  • The Red Crescent sends 5.000 posters to all hospitals around the country, Red Crescent Branches, Medical Centers and Blood Donation Centers to be displayed. The activity was implemented in accordance with the advocacy of  HIV/AIDS Advocacy.
Partners/ Networking
  • Association on Fight Against AIDS
  • Sexually Transmitted Infections Association,
  • HATAM (Hacettepe University HIV/AIDS Treatment and Research Center)
  • Positive Living Association
  • Ministry of Health
  • Turkish Family Planning Association
  • National AIDS Commission
  • Ministry of Health
  • Turkish Federation of National Tuberculosis Associations
Best practices   
(information which, in your opinion, is also important)The Red Crescent aims to raise awareness and provide knowledge on reducing discrimination and exclusion of people living with HIV/AIDS and promotes protection and prevention activities through multimedia (distance learning) program. The program stakeholders are, with regard to their specialized fields, the Ministry of Health, HATAM, UNAIDS and Positive Living Association. The program’s primary target group is the young population where presentations and video shootings are ready however computer designs and software infrastructure is still in progress. The activities concerning tuberculosis are carried out by the Ministry of Health and the Turkish Federation of National Tuberculosis Associations. Due to adequate capacity of the relevant organizations the Red Crescent is not operational on tuberculosis related activities.
Contact person(s)Ms Emine ERBİL GÜNEL  


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