The President of ERNA, Mauro Patti, at the House of Lords, the English Parliament to strengthen partnership with NGO and address the New Psychoactive Substances problems in Europe. 

An international task force met on May 14 to address the threat of new psychoactive drugs, including Fentanyl. NGOs of the English and American Police and leaders of the recovery centers for substance abusers in the UK, organized this event to influence politics and institutions, on integrated response between law enforcement, public health and human rights. 

“The strategies put in place in Europe and the US are in line with our Red Cross/Red Crescent humanitarian drug policy Manifesto, the Rome Consensus. We have to make sure that drug abuse is addressed as a public health problem and that our volunteers can be trained to address any opioid crisis such as fentanyl” this was the warning from Mauro Patti on the sidelines of the meeting in which he participated with Dr. Barra and dozens of experts in the sector. 

“Villa Maraini is seen as a point of reference for the recognized experience in the field of drugs from public entities and NGOs. It’s important to contribute to this early warning on NPS and find common solutions with other public and private actors” concluded Dr. Barra.

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