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Activities and services of HIV prevention especially for the most vulnerable and most-at-risk populations. The main prevention strategy is the information. We have a Service of Information and Prevention about HIV. It consists of a free telephone (900 111 000, only for calls from Spain), a e-mail, a Facebook page and a chat:

And our web:

Also, we develop Prevention Programmes of Information, education and communication for targeted vulnerable groups: migrants, young people, homeless, minorities, women who are victims of gender-based violence, people in prisons, injecting drug users…

We want also to promote the early HIV diagnostic and then, we offer the fast test free in some Spanish cities and give information about others places where you can go to do the test.

Specific activities for young people, in the street, in nightlife, and in school.

We have different programmes, in different cities, and one web site with a page about drug prevention:

Most information about youth red cross program:


Early detection program in addicts and prison
CounsellingThe test is an essential entry point for care and support. The counseling can benefit those who test positive and those who test negative. Through testing, people learn more about HIV infection and its health implications. They can adopt behaviours that reduce their risk or vulnerability.  

We have some specific programmes for the care of people living with HIV:

Houses for vulnerable people living with HIV
Reservation of spaces in the houses for ex-prisoners living with HIV.
Assistance for people living with HIV
Assistance for children affected by HIV
Assistance for families of people living with HIV

 Directly observed treatment program

Our programmes always include activities to protect and promote the rights of people living with HIV and reduce the stigma and discrimination, including workplace stigma, tackling gender inequalities and sexual and gender-based violence.

Also, we always prepare activities for events such as World AIDS Day.

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Contact person(s)MAR ECHENIQUE


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ERNA Contact InformationHeadHeadERNA Contact PersonERNA Contact Person
Name SurnameJuan Manuel Suárez del ToroLeopoldo Pérez SuárezMar EcheniqueJuan Jesús Hernández
Role in the National SocietyPresidentSecretary GeneralResponsible HIV and AIDS ProgramResponsible Drugs and Tuberculosis Program
Phone numbers91 335 44 4491 335 44 4491 335 43 82
900 111 000
91 335 44 71
Fax91 335 44 5591 335 44 5591 335 45 00 
Post addressAvda. Reina Victoria 26
Madrid 28003
Avda. Reina Victoria 26
Madrid 28003
Avda. Reina Victoria 26
Madrid 28003
Avda. Reina Victoria 26
Madrid 28003