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Background information:

The Republic of Moldova, a multi-national country, geographically situated at the crossroads of European roads and values, strives to maintain its originality and statehood. Being in a state of transition from a totalitarian regime to democracy, the country faces great humanitarian and social challenges. Low standard of living, illegal mass migration, drug use, etc. create perfect ground for degradation of cultural and spiritual values among young generation and a greater incidence of HIV/AIDS.

UNAIDS estimates that the number of people living with HIV in the Republic of Moldova was 15,437 in 2012 and it is expected that in 2015 it will reach 18,805 (the prevalence increases from 0,36% to 0,45%). New HIV cases show the feminization of the epidemic with decreased incidence among intravenous drug users.

Disaggregation of new HIV cases by age groups attests that women are infected at a younger age than men. The spreading of HIV is higher among young generation than among general population. The number of youth above 15 years who need ART during 2010-2015 increases with 55%. The number of pregnant women (HIV positive) during 2010-2015 increases by 60%.

Estimations and forecasts serve as a basis for prioritizing interventions and planning appropriate response measures on behalf of authorities and all actors in the field of HIV/AIDS control.

Mapping of
National Society Activities
HIV and AIDSHarm ReductionTuberculosis

Red Cross branches in partnership with educational institutions, NGOs “New life” and “Positive initiative”, Association of people living with HIV unfold a range of activities directed towards increasing awareness on HIV/AIDS spreading, prevention and tolerance towards people living with HIV. Among these activities we can mention the public events:


“I love you, Life!”,

“Let each heart say…”, “The safety route”, “Living library”.


Schools have hosted role plays “Tolerance”and “Parliamentary hearings” and essay contest “AIDS – the challenge of humanity”,painting and poster contests.

On the occasion of the International AIDS Day, several RC branches have organized a flash mob “Give me a hug!”, “I am tolerant!” in the framework of which volunteers interviewed and inquired people on their attitude towards HIV positive people. After the survey, a volunteer offered a hug to a respondent and showed the inscription on his palm: “I am HIV positive…If it was true…would you agree to hug me again? In the end, a “Candle march” was organized.


Needle exchange center for IDUs continues in operation at the Bender branch jointly with the public organization “Healthy future”
CounselingWithin Bender RC branch there is a “Self-help group” comprising a legal adviser, psychologist, volunteers providing counseling to HIV positive people and drug users. 
Partners/ Networking

Moldova Red Cross is a member of the National Coordination Mechanism for HIV, TB and STI prevention.

Moldova Red Cross cooperates with the NGOs: “New life”, “Positive initiative”, “Charity”, “Safe future”, etc.

Best practices

Booklet “Don’t get trapped” and other informative material for distribution among target groups have been printed out.

The modules for integrated classes “Moral aspects” within literature classes and inter-disciplinary history class “Moral education of youth as nation’s health guarantee” have been worked out.

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