Red Ribbon Award 2016

Red Ribbon is a symbol of a global movement against AIDS. “Red Ribbon Award: Celebration of the Community Leadership and Action against AIDS” is a unique opportunity to support and promote the work of communities that find innovative and effective ways to combat HIV / AIDS and ensure safe life in the world.

Red Ribbon Award 2016 that is now open for nominations. The award, which will be presented in July 2016 at the International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2016) in Durban, South Africa, will be given to ten community based organizations that have shown outstanding community leadership and action against AIDS.


The Red Ribbon Award 2016 will be given to community groups for outstanding leadership in responding to AIDS in one or more of the following categories based on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

a) Good health and well-being (SDG3):

– Children, adolescents and adults living with HIV can access testing, know their status and are immediately offered and sustained on affordable quality treatment;

– New HIV infections among children eliminated and their mothers’ health and well-being sustained.

b) Reduced inequalities (SDG10):

– Young people, especially young women and adolescent girls, can access combination prevention services and are empowered to protect themselves from HIV;

– Tailored HIV combination prevention services are accessible to key populations, including sex workers, men who have sex with men, people who inject drugs, transgender people, and prisoners, as well as migrants.

c) Gender equality (SDG5):

– Women and men practice and promote healthy gender norms and work together to end gender-based, sexual and intimate partner violence to mitigate risk and impact of HIV.

d) Just, peaceful & inclusive societies (SDG16):

– Punitive laws, policies, practices, stigma and discrimination that block effective responses to HIV are removed.

e) Global partnership (SDG17):

– People-centered HIV and health services are integrated in the context of stronger systems for health.

There is a dossier of all Red Ribbon Award materials in four languages (posters, brochures, media releases and nomination forms) for your outreach. These materials are available here:
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You can find more detailed information on the Red Ribbon Award web site –

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