Red Crescent Society of Azerbaijan conducted event dedicated to “28th July – World Hepatitis Day”

Azerbaijan RC

According tothe Strategy 2020, of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the priority of the Red Crescent Society of Azerbaijan (RCSA) is activities in the field of strengthening and improving the health of communities.
This activity is carried out within the framework of close cooperation with Regional Centers and District Committees of RCSA with many state and non-governmental structures. These activities include the organization and conduct of activities aimed at informing the public about a healthy lifestyle, including a warning prevalence of such infectious diseases as HIV / AIDS, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis.

Thus, on July 27, 2017, the Sabunchu District Committee of RCSA in cooperation with the Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan, the Center for Public Health and Reform, the regional Department of the Ministry of Youth and Sport of Azerbaijan held an event (seminar) dedicated to World Hepatitis Day. The coordinator of the Public Health Program of RCSA, Matanat Karakhanova, presented to the seminar participants (30 people) WHO information on hepatitis and the purpose of carrying out activities to combat this disease. Further, the representative (infectious disease specialist) of the Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan and the Center for Public Health and Reform, Hafiz Ibrahimov acquainted participants with the medical aspects of hepatitis, which included information on the prevalence, prevention, treatment and diagnosis of hepatitis. In the speech of the doctor, a special place was given to information about the situation in the country and the provision of medical care, hepatitis patients, in particular hepatitis C.

Azerbaijan RC

Currently (since 2016) under the Ministry of Health of Azerbaijan a commission is working on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of hepatitis B and C. In 2016 there were 1388 appeals to this commission. Medical documents of people with hepatitis were also examined.

Azerbaijan RC

RCSA continues to inform the public about the activities of this commission, which in turn helps to receive timely and targeted medical care. Employees of RCSA also took part in the International Day for Combating Hepatitis “ShowYourFace to eliminate hepatitis” of the World Alliance for the Fight against Hepatitis.

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