ERNA General Meeting 2017


Secretariat of European RC/RC Network on HIV, AIDS, TB and Hepatitis C is pleased to announce the 19th General Meeting of ERNA that will take place on 17-21 July, 2017 in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

General objective of the meeting is to strengthen and promote the exchange of experiences, information and best practices among the member NSs and other stakeholders, as well as to facilitate discussions on the issues of concern related to HIV, AIDS and TB, general meeting is hosted by one Member National Society. These meetings have been playing an important role in achieving the network’s set objectives.

The main theme for the 19th General Meeting will be “Everywhere for Everyone – Leave No One Behind. How to work with the hard-to-reach population.”

ERNA meeting will be conducted jointly with Regional Training Workshop on Youth engagement in drug policies. Main objectives of the meeting:

  •  To reinforce the European Red Cross and Red Crescent Network responsibility in addressing the needs of most vulnerable and hard-to-reach communities at risk to HIV, Hep C, TB
  • To identify recommendations and good practices in addressing challenges and needs of hard to reach groups through youth work and volunteering
  •  To enhance cooperation and sharing of information between ERNA and other organizations working on HIV, hepatitis and TB.
  • To promote youth engagement in the work with hard-to-reach populations

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