Kyrgyzstan Red Crescent activities on TB prevention

With the support of USAID and JSI, the Red Crescent from January 2020 implements the project “Cure Tuberculosis” in Chui and Talas regions.

Activities under this project include the following components:

  1. Patronage of TB patients and work on their commitment to treatment;
  2. Search and return of patients with tuberculosis;
  3. Social support of TB patients;
  4. Individual and group psychological support for patients and their families;
  5. Raising public awareness, identifying and accompanying people with probable symptoms of tuberculosis for examination.

During 2020 161 patients with tuberculosis were under patronage. 38 patients completed treatment, 25 patients returned for treatment.

Social support for patients with tuberculosis allows to additionally stimulate and motivate a patient with tuberculosis for continuous regular treatment. Social support provided through the voucher system. It is considered rational to issue vouchers once a month. Total for 2020 157 TB patients received 690 vouchers for food and hygiene products. In addition, nurses and volunteers provided individual psychological assistance to patients at home. In total of 195 people received support.

Information sessions on tuberculosis prevention are organized for 3044 people. The population also receives information about tuberculosis through TV, radio and social networks. The coverage for 2020 made 771,634 people.

In February 2020. The USAID TB Patient Support Project has been launched and has been jointly realizing by Kyrgyzstan Red Crescent and Door Media. This activity aims to increase adherence to TB treatment of patients through social and behavioral changes in Jalal-Abad and Naryn oblasts.

The target groups of this project are:

  • TB patients from the category “lost for further observation”;
  • TB patients at risk of separation from treatment;
  • TB patients who have not started treatment.

An individual work plan has been developed for each TB patient under the auspices, and product vouchers are issued to motivate and provide social support to the patient. The general patronage of patients is carried out in close cooperation with phthisiologists from regional centers for the fight against tuberculosis. As part of the activity, informational work is carried out with the patient’s close TB environment and his contacts, to identify new cases of tuberculosis infection. Work is under way to create an electronic platform for the public and partners to improve coordination on TB issues. At the level of local governments, work is underway to provide social support for TB patients in Jalal-Abad and Naryn regions.

Following the first year of implementation, the project has achieved significant results despite the pandemic. Thus, a total of 155 TB patients have been under the patronage of the project since June 2020, 124 of them have returned for treatment, 36 people have successfully completed treatment, and 23 people have been transferred to the Family Physicians Group for further observation.


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