Extract from the minutes of the board meeting on February 22, 2022


  • Massimo Barra, ERNA President;
  • Marat Kachkynbekov, ERNA Vice President;
  • Uldis LIKOPS, ERNA Vice President;
  • Aidai Bakasheva, ERNA Secretariat;
  • Mauro Patti, Steering Committee Member RC/RC Partnership on Substance Abuse;
  • Aneta Trgachevska, MD, MPH, Regional Delegate for Health and Ageing Programmes.

On February 22, 2022, the online meeting of the ERNA Governing Board took place.

During the meeting, the following issues were discussed:

  • All members of the ERNA Governing Board shared their vision of the current situation and priorities for the near future of the network development;
  • The following technical issues were considered during the meeting: preparing the network report/bulletin for 2021, forming and approving the budget for 2022, the necessity to finalize and approve the ERNA work plan for 2022;
  • Also, the importance of regular communication (exchange of information) between the ERNA Secretariat and its members on the activities carried out by the National Societies in the field was discussed;
  • Moreover, the ERNA Governing Board members stressed the importance of developing a resource mobilization system to support the activities of the National Societies in the field;
  • It is necessary to strengthen the work in search of new sources of resources and the possible preparation of joint project proposals within the framework of the network;
  • The issue of holding the next ERNA General Meeting (GM) in a physical format was discussed. It was decided to schedule this GM for the second half of this year;
  • During the planned ERNA GM, it is necessary to organize and hold regular elections for the new Board members and the Secretariat of the network;
  • It was also decided to prepare and send a letter to the member National Societies to request and receive proposal/s for the venue of the next ERNA GM;
  • In addition, the General Assembly of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies is planned to be held this summer. This event can be used as a platform for formal and informal meetings/discussions among network members (as far as possible).

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