Belarus Red Cross Society

Background information:

The BRCS greatly contributes to the implementation of the national HIV strategy and gives universal access to information about HIV, HIV treatment and support to PLHIV. The National Society is represented in the Republican interdepartmental council on HIV prevention and sexually transmitted diseases and in country coordination committee on cooperation with the Global Fund to fight HIV, tuberculosis and malaria as well as in the Advisory council on monitoring and evaluation of the spread of HIV and AIDS in the Republic of Belarus. The BRCS is one the contractors of the state HIV/AIDS prevention programme 2006-2010 and one of the developers of the programme for 2011-2015.  Read more

Mapping of 

National Society Activities

HIV and AIDSHarm Reduction


Youth against HIV project (sponsored by the Danish Red Cross) was implemented from 2002 to December 2012. The Project covered 30 tows.

Download “Youth against HIV”project annual report 2011_eng



An educational session in the Military Academy n. a. Suvorov.

HIV prevention project (sponsored by the USAID) was implemented from September 2011 to July 2012 in Pinsk and Lida.

Target groups – students and young workers at the age of 16-31.

Main activities:

Education, follow-up and support of peer instructors to enable them to organize informational sessions, trainings, seminars, campaigns, conferences, support and development of youth initiatives (trips to the countryside and orphanages, summer recreation camps, evening schools and enterprises).

U.S. Embassy Small Grants Programme, final report 2012

HIV prevention in the field of labour project (sponsored by the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and German society for technical cooperation) was aimed at:

1. forming of skills of safe behaviour among target groups to prevent firther spead of HIV;
2. forming of tolerant attitude to PLHIV and promotion of support of PLHIV and their families;
3. capacity building for further development and implementation of HIV programmes in the field of labour  Read more

Enhanced access for female injecting drug users to HIV services andharm reduction project  (with the support of the IFRC and the Italian Red Cross) has being implemented since 2011 till present. The project is targeted at enhanced access for female IDUs in Grodno to HIV prevention and harm reduction by means of gender sensitive approach. Read more

HIV prevention among female sex workers project (Component 3 of the project «HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment in the Republic of Belarus» (sponsored by the Global Fund to fight HIV, tuberculosis and malaria) has being implemented since 2005.

HIV prevention among injecting drug users project (Component 1 of the project “HIV prevention and treatment in Belarus” (sponsored by the Global Fund to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria). District RC organizations of the BRCS hosted anonymous consultative centers and social support centers for IDUs.



Since 2011 the BRCS has been implementing the project Support andcapacity strengthening of PLHIV (sponsored by the American Red Cross) in close cooperation with the Belarusian Community of PLHIV.

Goal: to enhanced access for PLHIV to HIV prevention, treatment and care especially psychological, medical, social and legal consultation and teaching of the skills of how to live with HIV Read more



Within the project «Affording universal access for key groups ofpopulation affected by the epidemic in Belarus to HIV prevention,treatment and care» (with the support of the Global Fund to fight against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria) since 2011 the BRCS has been improving the system of home palliative care to PLHIV.

Goal: improvement of the quality of life of PLHIV by offering them home palliative care



As the BRCS programme targets to stop the spread of HIV and support to those affected by the epidemic, advocacy is considered as one of the priorities for project activities.

New dimensions” project  More details 

Partners/ Networking

International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Danish Red Cross, American Red Cross, Italian Red Cross, Russian Red Cross, USAID.

German association for technical cooperation (GTZ), Unated Nations Development Programme, UNAIDS, UNFPA in Belarus.

International and republican NGOs: Global business coalition against HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria (Russia), non-governmental organization
“Positive movement, Belarusian community of people living with HIV,  International educational public association «АCТ», Youth education center “Fialta”, Mothers against drugs and others.

State ministries and subordinated authorities: Ministry of health; Republican Centre of Hygiene, Epidemiology and Public Health; Ministry of labour and social security; Ministry of education; “Industry personnel” institute and others.

Largest industrial and transport enterprises: Belarusian automobile plant, Belarusian metallurgical plant, Belarusian railway.

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Best practices

1.         Art-project “City where people live” created by the BRCS jointly with the Belarusian community of PLHIV;


Art project “City where people live”

Brochure of stories of PLHIV “City where people live”.  The art-project comprises creative works of HIV-positive people.

In 2010 the art-project was presented at the International AIDS Conference in Vienna (AIDS-2010) as the best practice of the Republic of Belarus.

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2. The project “HIV prevention in the field of labour”, which helped the leaders of the largest enterprises of Belarus (such as Belaz JSC, Belarusian metallurgic plant, Belarusian Railway) to adopt corporative politics to stop the spread of HIV.

3. In 2011 within the project “Youth against HIV” the pattern of HIV prevention among youth was adapted to educational institutions of closed type particularly in the Military Academy n.a. Suvorov (Minsk) and the Cadet college (Mogilev). Sessions were conducted with due consideration of peculiarities of military educational institutions and gender aspects of the audience.

1. Within the BRCS project  «Enhanced access for female drug users to HIV prevention and harm reduction programmes» a day care center for female IDUs and their children was created on the basis of Grodno municipal organization in 2011. It is a pilot project for the Republic of Belarus due to its gender sensitive approach to HIV prevention and harm reduction programmes.
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Malinskaya Iryna



Belarus Red Cross Society

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ERNA Contact Person

Name SurnameValery MalashkoViktor KolbanovIrina MalinskayaRusakov Dmitry
Role in the National SocietyPresidentSecretary GeneralHIV programme coordinatorTB Project Coordinator (informational work and work with vulnerable groups of population)
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Republic of Belarus

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Republic of Belarus

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Republic of Belarus

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