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Since 2005 Albania Red Cross have been worked in the prevention of HIV and AIDS in the most important towns . Ten towns have been identified as the targeted areas for implementing the project. Those cities have similar problems, poor socio economic condition in most of them, create a risky circumtance for health. Those regions have been considered as the regions with high density of population and affected from hing mobility of population from rural to urban areas.Many of this towns have Universties in which study students from the entire prefecture and the close prefecture. This is consider as a good possibility for the projects where the project should be focused to reach its target.The main objective of National Strategy of HIV/AIDS in Albania is to keep the prevalence of HIV less than 0.1% of the whole population and 1% for more vulnerable groups of the population.In 2011 the prevention of HIV and AIDS have been extended in the whole country, have been organised 39 Red Cross branches and 262 RC volunteers.Our objectives to achieved the objective of National Strategy are as follow as :• Increase the knowledge level and promotion of the secure behaviours in the sexually active population.• Promotion of the adequate behaviours in order to reduce the level of the risk at the adolescents and youngsters.• Increasement of the percentage of the women that use not risky sexual behaviours.• Reduce the risky behaviours on which are exposed emigrants, drug users and homosexuals.The target groups are:High school and University studentsWomen that works in enterprises. People of all ages during information activities in beach, pubs, parks etc.

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