About ERNA

ERNA was established in 1998 in Rome with the aim of coordinating the sharing of experiences, transfer of best practices and the promotion of collaborative efforts among Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies of the European region. The network’s vision is to have well functioning National Societies that are able to address HIV, AIDS, TB and related problems (prevention, care, treatment, control, harm reduction, psychosocial support, legal support, reduction of stigma and discrimination, social integration and other community activities targeted at the most vulnerable people).

ERNA gathers 39 Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies from Europe and Central Asia, organizes a General Meeting every year promoting the sharing of good practices, experience and information over important topics.

ERNA is taking a lead role in promoting the links between National Societies and networks and other organizations. ERNA is a coordinating body searching for better communication between National Societies as well as between National Societies and the IFRC and its Networks. ERNA has an important role in strengthening humanitarian diplomacy and advocacy activities. ERNA supports HIV and AIDS Global Alliance in European region as well as its main objectives:

  • preventing further infections
  • expanding care, treatment and services
  • reduce stigma and discrimination
  • strengthening community

ERNA booklet in English: