FRIDAY, 05st December 2008


Keynote speech on TB and HIV activities in Serbia
Ms Ivana Misic, Assistant Minister, Ministry of Health of Serbia
The regional situation on TB/HIV
Ms Dorit Nitzan, WHO CO Serbia Delegate
World AIDS Conference in Mexico – August 2008
Mr Bernard Gardiner, HIV global program manager

SATURDAY, 06st December 2008

Global alliance launch – Dr Mukesh Kapila, Special representative of Secretary General

HIV situation in Russia
Ms Elena Fedorova
HIV situation in Belarusian
HIV situation in Armenia
HIV situation in Kazahstan
Ms Barbara Nadasiova and Mr Gerard McHale, European Youth Coordination Committee
Updates on Youth activities in Europe
Ms Barbara Nadasiova and Mr Gerard McHale, European Youth Coordination Committee
Active Choice
Mr Lene Steimler, Norcross National Youth Board
Youth movement Uzbekistan

SUNDAY, 07st December 2008

Europe Zone Health and Care activities
Ms Sonja Tanevska
Russian Red Cross Partnership Building
Ms Veronika Agapova and Mrs Elena Fedorova
Kyrgyzstan RC – Partnership presentation
Ms Aida Estebesova
Eli Lilly MDR – TB Partnership
Mr Tristan Piguet, Jr. Project Manager Lilly MDR-TB Partnership
Rome Consensus on behalf of the European Chapter
Mr Oscar Zaluaga, Special Representative of the Rome Consensus
TB Control project – Serbia
Ms Marija Cukic, Health Program Manager, Red Cross of Serbia
PLWHA – Albania
Ms Olimbi Hoxhaj

Effective resource mobilization – Mr Branimir Knezevic, Europe Zone OD
Summary of presentations and workshops
Ms Sonja Tanevska and Mrs Elena Eftimovska

Summary of the Annual meeting – closing remarks, candidates for the Annual meeting 2009, general information
Vice Presidents Fabio Patruno and Dragan Radovanovic