FRIDAY, 21st September 2007

Introduction, Market Stall

SATURDAY, 22nd September 2007

Empowerment as therapy for vulnerability

Shona Schonning, CEEHRN
Working with and Empowering TB/HIV Affected Communities

Paul Thorn, TB Survival Project
The New Federation-wide Operating Model

Anitta Underlin, Europe Zone

Maximising access to HIV, AIDS and TB care
TB control in Serbia

Marija Cukic, Red Cross of Serbia
HIV Prevention in Penitentiary System

Elena Feodorova, Russian Red Cross
HIV Prevention – Sex workers in Russian

Lylyia Amrenova, Kazakh Red Crescent Society

Why do we build partnerships?
Eastern European & Central Asian Union of PLWH (ECUO) – Why do we build partnerships

Ekaterina Manko, Estonian Network of PLWH
Why and how we do build partnership with injecting drug users

Fabio Patruno, Italian Red Cross
Why do we Build Partnerships in Harm Reduction?

Shona Schonning, CEEHRN
Partnership with the Government – TB Control Programme in Russian

Veronika Agapova, Russian Red Cross
The Tuberculosis Survival Project

Paul Thorn, TB Survival Project
Global Alliance on HIV – Progress update for ERNA

Bernard Gardiner, Federation Secretariat Geneva
Health&Care Strategy

Lasha Goguadze, Federation Secretariat Geneva

SUNDAY, 23rd September 2007

Delivering results and demonstrating sustainability
Psychological support for MDR TB patients on outpatient drug therapy

Viktoria Mihaescu, Romanian Red Cross
Demonstrating Sustainability

Aida Estebesova, Kyrgyz Red Crescent
Save-a-Mate programme to be available soon

Shaun Hazeldine, Australian Red Cross

AIDS Competence
AIDS Competence – There is another way

Jean-Louis Lamboray, AIDS Constellation
ACP Diagram
Group Assignement “Learn and Share”

MONDAY, 24th September 2007

Youth Perspective to be available soon
Ciril Klajnscek, Slovenian Red Cross