Presentation materials

Ukrainian RC introduction
Ministry of Health Ukraine

HIV/AIDS / Advocacy, Partnership
Federation Secretariat: Updates from Health and Care Department Geneva
UNAIDS: Overview of HIV/AIDS situation in Europe
WHO: ART scale up in Europe
HIV/AIDS Alliance in Ukraine in Russian
GNP+: Involvement of PLWHA in the Global Fund
All Ukrainian Network of PLWHA in Russian
Belarus RC: Youth against HIV/AIDS
Latvian RC: HIV/AIDS, Advocacy, Partnership
Ukrainian RC: Home-based Care and Support to PLWHA
Federation Secretariat: HIV/AIDS Global Programme

HIV/AIDS / Advocacy, Partnership
HARM REDUCTION for drug users

International Harm Reduction Association
Injecting drug use, HIV/AIDS and harm reduction – a global perspective
Villa Maraini: Harm Reduction trainings – update
Villa Maraini: Intake at Villa Maraini
Russian RC: Harm Reduction programme in Irkutsk in Russian
Uzbek RC: HIV programme in Uzbekistan
Armenian RC: Harm Reduction in Vanadzor
Bulgarian RC: Harm Reduction Programme in Stara Zagora

TUBERCULOSIS/ Advocacy, Partnership
WHO TB Programme: TB in Ukraine
Stop TB Partnership: Partnerships to stop TB
Romanian RC: TB project
Macedonian RC: Being together; PCD and TB
Moldova RC: National TB/AIDS Programme
Russian RC: Experience and perspectives of programmes of fight against TB and HIV/AIDS in Russian