Workshops and presentation materials

Role of RC/RC in Harm Reduction
Introduction to HR
HR in Ukrainian RC
HR responses to drugs in the EU
The need to scale up HIV prevention for drug users

Working with other groups with risky behaviour
Risk groups in Estonia
Noah’s Ark – Support Programme
Working with others…
A Youth Perspective on HIV/AIDS

RC/RC role in TB control (looking specifically at links to HIV/AIDS programmes)
Kazakh RC TB Prevention Project
Russian RC TB control in prisons
Scaling up RC/RC response to TB-Strengthening the HIV/AIDS component
HIV/AIDS in prison settings

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Introduction to access to treatment for PLWHA
Access to care and treatment
Masambo Fund

Feedback from international HIV/AIDS conferences
“Breaking the barriers”, February 2004, Dublin
“Access for all”, July 2004, Bangkok
“Europe and HIV/AIDS: New Challenges, New Opportunities”, September 2004, Vilnius

Stigma and Discrimination
Stigma and Discrimination…
Candle march campaign in Central Europe
Positively Women – living with HIV…changing lives

Other non presented presentations
Armenian RC at Bangkok conference
Key Correspondent at Bangkok conference
Bulgarian RC manual “Talks about drugs”
Romanian RC project for prevention and fighting against TB