Report of the 7th ERNA Meeting in Jurmala, Latvia 13-18 September 2003

Summary of the Report

  • 23 National Societies participated in the meeting. 
  • Dr. Anders Milton elected as President of ERNA.
  • Dr. Fabio Vittorio Patruno elected Vice-president of ERNA. 
  • Revised and amended ERNA Terms of Reference accepted.
  • The budget, financial report, and Plan of Action were accepted. 
  • It was decided that the Secretariat would remain in Slovakia until further changes. 
  • NS were encouraged to submit applications to host the next meeting which, in the case of no submissions, will be hosted in Slovakia.
  • The   Board   will   select   themes   for   the   next   session   based   on   a   list   of   suggested topics during the meeting.
  • Workshops and presentations were conducted on Harm Reduction, TB, advocacy and anti-stigma campaigns.
  • Key proposals made.

Download Report of the 7th ERNA Meeting in Jurmala (en)